Employee of the Month

Lorco 2018 Employee of the Year

Sean White

Lorco of Maryland –Yard Employee

Shawn White, Lorco of Maryland –Yard Employee, with six years of seniority was presented the  2018 “Lorco Employee of the Year Award”.  Supervisor Donnie Hammond, presented Shawn  the certificate, a trophy, and a check for $2,500 at the Safety Meeting in front of his co-workers held on Thursday, January 24th, 2019.

6yrs of service is Elkton’s top employee, has been promoted, always ready to help out in yard or driving, when Donnie’s in  need.  Good safety record,  good attitude, supervisor capability. 

December 2018

Evan George

Elizabeth Dock Employee

Evan was presented his Employee of the Month Certificate and Pin along with a $1,000 bonus. 

Congratulations Evan!  Great Job !

He has been nominated in the past. As all the dock guys do which most folks don’t know, as we are sitting home enjoying life and also the holidays these guys are here working on barges and pipelines and tank gauging ect. in “all” kinds of weather. In fact they just worked New Year’s Eve and Day starting with the EOM (end of the month) Tank gauging which has to be done for inventory and the tanks must be climbed and physical measured and temperatures of the product are taken, and then followed by a large pipeline.  Of course in the pouring rain.  Evan basically is the man in charge of setting all this up, (once he gets a schedule from Dennis), and making sure everything is done safely and correctly. Plus he still helps with the lube oils and takes charge when setting up snow removal schedules when needed ect. I think strong consideration should be taken when you make your decision especially since Evan and all these guys are not out in the spotlight where they can be seen like everyone else, they are here behind the scenes’ getting it done every time they are needed to do so and Evan makes that happen…”Mike Estelle”.

November 2018

Tony DiFiore

Tractor Trailer Driver, Camden Facility

Tony was presented his Employee of the Month Certificate and Pin along with a 

$1,000 bonus.  

 Congratulations Tony !  Great Job !

Tony is our longest running, tractor trailer driver. During Tony’s tenure with our company he has always demonstrated a staunch  team like approach to whatever his particular task is for that particular day. His hard work and can do attitude permeates what  ever his assignment is at the time. Complimenting his approach is his sincere willingness to get the job done while always looking  out for the other guy.  In my time as his supervisor I can say that he doesn’t miss days – time off is indeed a rarity, he does not  turn down work, nor have I ever heard him say that he wanted more money. Tony’s one of these guys who truly believes that if you work hard, keep your head down; good things will follow.  I appreciate his hard work and most especially his handling of the majority of our gas loads into the facilities at Bridgeport, NJ and Baltimore, MD. At each of these locations; Tony is our guy on site literally our eyes and ears where year to date he is responsible for more than 60% of these critical loadings and unloading’s.  All while transporting our cargo safely in between origin and destination. “John Solewin”

August 2018

Max Condito

Elizabeth Yard Employee

Max was presented his Employee of the Month Certificate and Pin along with a $1,000 bonus.

Congratulations Max!  Great Job!

MaxCondito     {Elizabeth Yard Employee},

Shows a positive attitude and adapts to new challenges! WENT TO HELP CAMDEN ON THEIR TIME OF NEED. Good attendance, hardworking and works well with others. Max covered for an Elizabeth Foreman while out on disability  and has taken charge in the yard. He has improved tremendously since he started.

July 2018

Domingo Gonzalez

ElizabethTractor Trailer Division Driver

Domingo was presented his Employee of the Month Certificate and Pin along with a $1,000 bonus.

Congratulations Domingo!  Great Job!

Domingo Gonzalez {Elizabeth Tractor Trailer Driver}, has evolved into Elizabeth’s lead tractor trailer driver.  Besides being extremely dependable, whenever there is a campaign of water, involving multiple trips, trailers and loads from a specific location, it is Domingo who accepts the lead role.  He is the driver who collects, brings, and lays out the hose that will be utilized by our other drivers throughout our involvement at the jobsite.  He is also a prime contact, our eyes and ears at the site as to the number of loads left and Should we send or not send another driver to the site. Whenever we have a new customer, a new stop, or a critical situation it is Domingo who is sent because you can count on him to call you with first-hand information, with whatever he feels vital, and even send along pictures of the site. This proves extremely helpful when Prepping the next man in line to be sent.  Domingo is proactive.  He keeps in his possession all the tools and Equipment that he might need anywhere he is directed to. Lastly, this man is a mechanic who has the ability to make a quick fix.

June 2018

George Erdman

Elizabeth Vacuum Division Driver

George was presented his Employee of the Month Certificate and Pin along with a $1,000 bonus.

Congratulations George!  Great Job!

This winner of Lorco’s June Employee of the Month Award comes highly recommended by multiple Elizabeth Supervisors.  T. Wyckoff & T. Viohl truly appreciates George’s assistance in helping out the yard after being down 2 employees.  At the same time, George has assisted in picking up drums in the morning, then finishing the day helping out in the yard.  George has had an excellent attendance record and very reliable.  George is very knowledgeable of many tasks.  George is an advocate for working safely for Lorco and its customers.  George also assists co-workers, maintains his truck and equipment & works Saturdays when needed.  Richie & Kevin consider George a key man for the Vac. Division.

May 2018

Natasha Washington

Camden Operations/Dispatcher

Natasha was presented her Employee of the Month Certificate and Pin along with a $1,000 bonus.
Congratulations Natasha! Great Job!
Outstanding job performance, dedicated to excellence & production.  Great attendance record, Multi-tasking individual including dispatching drivers on routes, paperwork & customer communication.  Natasha has a great attitude, and is always ready to help everybody.  She communicates with all facilities.

April 2018

Shawn White

Elkton Yard Worker/Utility Driver 

Shawn was presented his Employee of the Month Certificate and Pin along with a $1,000 bonus.
Congratulations Shawn!  Great Job !
Shawn has been nominated three prior times. He is an extremely hard worker, very dependable and goes above and beyond. He has an excellent attendance record and a huge help to Donnie.   Shawn attends all safety meetings, and is always willing to help others.

March 2018

Claudia Hernandez

Elizabeth Office 

Claudia was presented her Employee of the Month Certificate and Pin along with a $1,000 bonus.
Congratulations Claudia!  Great Job !
This was Claudia’s second time being nominated. She is an extremely hard worker, very dependable and has a fantastic positive attitude. Claudia is always willing to help anybody she can. Recently, Claudia has been assisting while a co-worker has been out of work.

January 2018

Juan Orellana

Juan has done a great job in his new role! Is punctual and rarely misses work and also has an excellent safety record plus attends all safety meetings.

December 2017

Julio Lopez

 Julio is highly dependable & cooperative extremely dedicated to safety, mechanically inclined and treats all he comes in contact with respect and great customer Service.