Mardela Springs, MD Oil Recycling

Lorco collects used oil and other petroleum related wastes with our state-of-the-art collection fleet in the Mardela Springs area. All oils are recycled in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. With the largest oil recycling fleet servicing the Mardela Springs area, Lorco can provide you with rapid response time to serve your oil recycling needs in Mardela Springs .

Mardela Springs Oil Filter Recycling

Lorco can provide your Mardela Springs location(s) with 55 gallon DOT approved steel, lidded drums for the storage, transportation and recycling of your used oil filters. The filters are removed, crushed, shredded and then used to manufacture several types of steel products.

Mardela Springs Antifreeze Recycling

Lorco removes and recycles used antifreeze in the Mardela Springs area, whether it is stored in bulk containers or 55 gallon drums.

Mardela Springs Antifreeze Sales

Our remanufactured antifreeze/coolant removes suspended and dissolved metals, combined silicates, phosphates and corrosion producing elements. Inhibitors have been added to produce a low silicate, low phosphate coolant suitable for use in automotive and diesel engines. We can provide antifreeze to your Mardela Springs location with bulk or drum delivery. Our 50/50 blend is ready to use.

Drum Disposal in Mardela Springs Area

Lorco can remove a wide range of petroleum-contaminated material that is stored in 55 gallon drums.  Lorco can also provide quality absorbent pads in 100 count bundles or 150’ perforated rolls. In addition, we provide empty steel drums in the Mardela Springs area for collection and disposal of used pads, etc.

Parts Washer Service & Sales in the Mardela Springs Area

Lorco offers parts washer service, sales and leasing in the Mardela Springs area. Whether you own your equipment or are interested in purchasing or leasing, Lorco is the right choice. Lorco can provide service in the Mardela Springs area to fit your needs weekly, monthly or yearly. A non-hazardous parts washer solvent is available for delivery in 16, 30 or 50 gallon drums for your locations in the Mardela Springs area.

Mardela Springs Petroleum-Contaminated Water Disposal

Lorco can transport and dispose of your wastewater stream regardless of quantity, in the Mardela Springs area. We service small generators as well as customers with large volume dewatering projects. Lorco has a fleet of transportation vehicles ranging from 2,200 gallon capacity trucks to 7,000 gallon trailers to service Mardela Springs and surrounding areas.

Bulk Windshield Washer Fluid in the Mardela Springs Area

Lorco’s bulk washer fluid system is the most cost-effective way to purchase windshield washer fluid for your locations in Mardela Springs .  Available for delivery in bulk and drums, Lorco provides automatic delivery to assure continuous service for your customers in the Mardela Springs area.