Employee Recognition Nomination


Lorco Petroleum appreciates the efforts of its employees to achieve company goals. Outstanding employees deserve to be recognized for their exceptional performance and exhibiting a positive and supportive attitude.


All full-time and part-time regular employees that have been employed for (1) year are eligible to participate in the E.M.R program. An employee may be designated as employee of the month only once during a calendar year.



  • Dedicated to fulfill job responsibility
  • Demonstrates excellent customer service
  • Consistently dependable (punctual, attendance)
  • Displays a cooperative and positive attitude

Interpersonal Skills

  • Helpful, friendly and approachable
  • Has a team player attitude
  • Provides the highest quality of service
  • Dependable, On-time, Punctual attendance

Work Performance

  • High overall quality (legible paperwork, customer service, presentable)
  • Safety- Pre-trips, DOT stops with/without violations, attends safety meetings
  • Productivity-Profit, COD Collection, use of Square and tablet
  • Does not produce unnecessary expenses
  • Controls stressful situations tactfully and calmly
  • Promotes/sells additional company services
  • Accurately completes work assignments
  • Extremely safety oriented
  • Reports near miss/safety watches


The E.M.R program recognizes one employee each month. Nominations for the Recognition may be submitted by any co-worker using the form available from Human Resources or Employee Info Corner. Customers may also fill out and submit a nomination form online at lorcopetroleum.com. Completed nomination forms may be submitted electronically to hr@lorcopetroleum.com or handed in to HR starting the first of each month until the 25th of each month for that month’s recognition. During the 25th and the end of each month, the E.M.R committee meets to review the nominations and to select the Lorco Employee of the Month recognition winner. We will announce the runner up’s as well.

If the last day falls on a weekend then nominations will be due by noon of the following Monday. Late and incomplete Recommendation forms will not be considered.

E.M.R committee

Each Department manager will submit (1) nominee a month to the committee. Once a month Lorco’s E.M.R committee will meet to review all of the nomination submissions.

Committee Members

HR & Safety Manager
John Lionetti & Frank LoBello


Once the selection has been finalized, the Lorco Team will announce the winner with a detailed explanation of why they won and present the Winner with a $1,000 bonus, pin, certificate signed by the President and an announcement on the company website, company monitor, picture display with name near the time clocks for a month.

Additionally, the monthly winner will be one of the 12 employees considered for our Annual Employee of the Year Recognition given annually in December. The Lorco Team will present Winner with a $2,500 bonus, a pin, plaque signed by the President and the selection will be announced on the company website, company monitor and will be displayed near the time clocks for a year.