Windshield Washer Fluid

Introducing Lorco’s new Winter Brite windshield washer fluid, a safer alternative to on-site methanol blended products.  Our material is factory blended and delivered as a ready to use finished product, eliminating the risks associated with exposure and storage of raw methanol. Storing raw methanol in your shop may increase your insurance costs, as well as your financial liability.  Lorco’s bulk washer fluid system is the most cost effective way to purchase windshield washer fluid, while minimizing your safety concerns.

Features and Benefits of our product includes:

  • -20°F blend to avoid freezing and slushing in customers’ vehicles
  • Surfactant cleaning agent to assist in cleaning bugs and tar from the windshield
  • Available in bulk and drums

Lorco can offer slim design tanks in combination with automatic electric dispensing units to maximize space and product storage. Lorco provides automatic delivery to assure continuous service for your customers.

55 Gallon drum delivery of washer fluid is also available.

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